Joseph Borremans, the Netherlands

JOSEPH BORREMANS is a business globalist located in the Netherlands and is the universal consensus expert for Beligium, the Netherlands, Luxumborg and the Democratic Republic of Congo. His fluency in Dutch, French and English is instrumental in connecting his clients globally. Enthusiastically embracing robust challenges that improve quality of life is undoubtedly the recurring theme of his remarkable professional and personal endeavors. Currently located in the Netherlands, Joseph is, of course, ideally situated to consult on business and cultural issues related to that part of the world, but he is also deeply connected to the Congo. Joseph began his international career as a technology attaché in the DR Congo. He went on to work for Motorola as their Latin America Sales & Marketing Manager after completing his business administration and economics studies while concurrently working as a medical cardiology research engineer. In 2001, he became the director of international business for the American Heart Association, where he promoted educational programs in 30 languages and launched their first international department, building it into a major division in less than two years. In 2004, he returned to the DR Congo to spearhead United Nations ground operations as the project manager for a Lockheed Martin subsidiary, where he turned around the contract on the verge of cancellation, oversaw five airports and started a project management office (PMO). In 2006, he was retained for a two-year assignment by the Dutch Railroad to secure international projects and position them for global expansion. Joseph’s entrepreneurial experience building mobile telecommunications businesses and managing their acquisition by Nextel (now Sprint) has helped him to know when to take calculated risks in pursuit of objectives. Although Joe specializes in the Benelux and DR Congo, he has extensive experience in France, Switzerland and Francophone Africa. He also has extensive experience with the United Nations, World Bank and Asian Development in financing projects and contract management.

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