Unwha Choi, Korea

UNWHA CHOI is the founder and principal of MindsGroup, an international HRM solution provider offering consulting, coaching and training in global business development, and innovation. MindsGroup is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. She has mor than twenty-two years of experience in training, marketing, new business development, supplier management, and general corporate and consultancy management in the manufacturing and service industry. She has a proven track record of effectively managing and organizing with expert skills and ability, focusing on strategic planning and business development in both Korean and international markets by exercising and engaging in hands-on experiences. Unwha has strong managerial and communication skills and abilities in coordinating projects and achieving results efficiently and effectively. She is particularly strong in learning and adapting to the international atmosphere, both in language and culture. Unwha is highly confident and comfortable working with international people and developing business for immediate and long-term goals and objectives for her clients. She deployed the successful launch of AIG International Services in Korea by employing her personal strengths and bilingual and bicultural capabilities. She has also worked with CheongKang Associates, Inc., Seoul, Korea; McDonnell Douglas Corporation (Korean Air Aerospace Division) in Long Beach, California; the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea; and Zonta International, among others. Unwha has an MBA from Pepperdine University, Graziadio Business School, and a bachelor’s degree in social science from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. She graduated from TASIS England, Thorpe, United Kingdom with honors and speaks English and Korean fluently.

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