Peter Kelly, Australia

PETER KELLY is an accomplished senior manager with a wealth of international experience, focused primarily in South East Asia. The majority of his adult life has been spent in the region, and his commercial activities have been targeted at ensuring his clients receive maximum value from his endeavors. Peter has been a consultant to a wide range of clients, including companies that wish to commence commercial operations in South East Asia, particularly the People’s Republic of China. Peter is an accomplished Chinese linguist, having graduated from the RAAF School of Languages in 1979. Peter began his tertiary studies in arts (Asian studies), business and science (computing) after graduating from the RAAF School of Languages. In 1996 he completed both a graduate diploma in Strategic Marketing from the International Marketing Institute, as well as working towards his Master’s in business from Charles Sturt University. Peter’s academic achievements culminated in an honorary Ph.D in international business in 2007. Along the way, Peter has accumulated an impressive array of contacts, from heads of state to senior government officials. He holds a hereditary title from the Sultan of Sulu, is a member of the Norman Academy and an honorary life member of the European Bioethics Centre in Rome. Peter has also received awards from several governments for his military service and other work in the international arena. Peter will be resident in China for a significant portion of 2009.