Miguel Duarte Ferreira, Iberia

MIGUEL DUARTE FERREIRA is an international consultant and competitive intelligence expert based in Portugal and consults in Iberia. He is responsible for projects with objectives and scopes in diversified areas, from the gathering of secondary and primary information (personal and/or telephone interviews, coverage of conferences and seminars), analysis and project management, to the support to implement a competitive intelligence function and/or system. Miguel’s language skills (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian) allow him to be involved in projects with a wide geographical span. Miguel founded the first company specializing in competitive intelligence in Portugal. He is currently an invited professor at the Technical University of Lisbon, where he is also responsible for the coordination of the competitive intelligence course in the MBA, Master of Sciences and post graduation course of “Systems and Technologies of Information for Organizations,” and he is also responsible for the coordination of the competitive intelligence course within the post graduate course of “Foresight, Innovation and Strategy.” Miguel is a regularly invited speaker at national and international CI seminars and conferences. He is a member of SCIP – Society of competitive intelligence Professionals and a certified trainer for the Center for Leadership in Studies in Portugal. He is also the co-author of the first book published in Portugal by Portuguese authors in Competitive Intelligence – “Competitive Intelligence – Concepts, Practices and Advantages” (May 2002). Miguel has an undergraduate degree in Economics and a post-graduation degree in Marketing Management.

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