Simone T. Costa Eriksson, Brazil

SIMONE T. COSTA ERIKSSON is an Intercultural coach & trainer and a psychologist (member of the British Psychological Society) based in Brazil. Eriksson holds seminars and workshops for HR professionals, for expatriate families & children, and for international schools. She has recently been involved in developing projects related to Expatriate Arrival Services for Spanish and Swedish Multinational Companies in partnership with international relocation companies bringing foreign investment opportunities into the Campinas Metropolitan Region in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. She has also recently worked on a project for international Brazilian companies in the area of HR international development of employees. Simone´s interest in the long-term impact of expatriation on the executive performance and on family relations started with her own experience of living 13 years abroad (USA, Sweden, Poland, and Italy), most of the time, as an expatriate mother with two children. Eriksson is the co-author of a children´s book, now available on, in which she explores the difference between adults´ & children´s perception of ‘moving abroad.’ Eriksson´s international education includes an MBA from Lund University, Sweden, a psychology degree from The Open University in Milan, Italy and an international certification in coaching from Integrated Coaching Institute (ICI), Brazil. Her previous professional business experience in international recruitment, headhunting, and customer service was later combined with her passion for human international development.

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