Tomas Sibaja, Mexico

TOMAS SIBAJA is an international contractor with more than fifteen years of experience in promotion, international sales, foreign investment and off-shore marketing strategies in cross-border regions where comparative and competitive advantages existed. Multicultural executive with first-hand professional experience living in Asia, North America, the Middle East, Europe and Mexico. Mr. Sibaja is currently a PhD Candidate from L’école internationale d’administration (ISM) in Paris, France. He holds a MBA from the University of Redlands and earned a Diploma in economic and political studies by the Cambridge University in England. He also has post-graduated Diplomas in related business administration topics in Temple University of Tokyo, Japan; St. John’s University in New York and the Korean Trade Advanced Studies (Kotra) in Seoul South Korea. Career diplomat, businessman and humanitarian advocate, Mr. Sibaja has learned over the years in four continents, to perform in different cross-cultural environments with a result-oriented performance at all times. This included a two-year assignment as Sr. Business Manager in Iraq – since 2004-2006 – in the US reconstruction efforts of hospitals, schools, and water/sewer and electricity projects. Mr. Sibaja is a frequent speaker in national and international forums on a wide array of topics related to foreign investment, international trade and US-Mexico cross-border issues. Mr. Tomas Sibaja is the Director of Business Development in BC Manufacturing, a premier nearshore integrated service center located in the Tijuana/San Diego region with a proven history of success assisting companies in achieving their operational goals in Mexico

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