Ask the Experts


The Universal Consensus Global Alliance is an integrated strategic partnership in which well-known professionals from multiple countries across the globe have been recruited by Universal Consensus to provide a broad base of talent and cross-cultural experience. Our clients benefit from this unique blend of disciplines and cultural acumen. The Alliance members are here to create commercial bridges for private enterprise, putting into place the necessary pieces of the puzzle to support global emergence and sustainability in new sectors and markets.

Feel free to click on the links below to hear more about our experts with their ear on the ground in their geographical area of expertise.

Denise Hummel, J.D., Globalist

Peter Kelly, Australia

Iftikhar Md Zia, India

Simone T. Costa Eriksson, Brazil

Victoria Spaschenko, Russia and Ukraine

Warren Heaps, Developing Nations

Zunaira Munir, Ph.D., Pakistan

Katrina, Burris, Ph.D, Switzerland

Nicole Bayer, J.D., Iran

Jennifer McQueen, China

Tomas Sibaja, Mexico

Miguel Duarte Ferriera, Iberia

Unwha Choi, Korea

Demetrios “Jim” Vandekas , Greece and Canada

Joseph Borremans, the Netherlands

Fausto Pierantoni, Italy