Victoria Spaschenko, Ukraine and Russia

VICTORIA SPASCHENKO is a business trainer and consultant located in the Ukraine, who delivers programs related to communications, management, organizational improvement and development in the Ukraine and Russia. Victoria is currently working as the Business Development Director for the JSC “Technocristal” (sapphire growing and processing). She is also a Consultant for IBR Institute of International Relations Global Executive MBA programs (Germany). Victoria recently joined the international team of the global consultancy TMA World as a senior consultant to deliver training to Arcelor Mittal. Victoria has worked extensively in both the private and public sector, particularly in the areas of international trade, public education, international development, media, legal services, and chemical industries. Victoria has extensive experience in the management of people, business processes and business communications. Her clients include Internews Kazakhstan, the British government (cross-border cooperation for international development), New Channel (the third biggest TV channel in Ukraine), “Magister & Partners” law firm in Kyiv and Moscow, Technocristal, Ecormin Planeta, Pricewaterhouse Coоpers, Ukraine National Botanic Garden, IBR, StarTelecom, and First International Mortgage Bank, among others. Victoria has a Global Executive MBA from IBR Institute of International Relations (Germany). Her Masters Thesis was in “Change Management.”

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