Survey: The Business Climate in the Greater Tumen Region

The Greater Tumen Initiative is the regional UNDP body responsible for business to government and government to government activities in China, Russia, Mongolia & Korea. It provides a unique multilateral forum for the member countries to identify and implement regional initiatives that encourage economic growth, encourage multinational investment and infrastructure, and promote business and trade throughout the North-East Asia region. The Business Advisory Council of the GTI is a platform for the permanent dialogue between government and private sector, established with support of the United Nations Office for Partnership.

In association with their Business Advisory Council, the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) is conducting a survey to assess the business climate in the Greater Tumen Region. The questionnaire is aimed at collecting data from companies that currently engage in business activities in the Greater Tumen Region (GTR). The survey serves to evaluate GTR’s investment climate from regional and foreign companies’ perspectives and is designed to assess systematically the barriers companies face while conducting business in the GTR. It also aims at providing the GTI member governments (China, Republic of Korea, Mongolia and the Russian Federation) with important feedback from the business community.

We appreciate your time and effort in supposrting the GTI initiative!

The survey can be accessed at the below website*:

*If clicking on the above link does not automatically redirect you to the Survey, please copy and paste the URL into your web browser.

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